Feb – Aug 2020

WP1: Country context investigation

Desk investigation/Document analysis.

Sep 2020

Workshop 1_ACES Model Introduction

Connect and introduce ACES project and discuss the access to the site, permission for doing research in Hoa Binh, and how to conduct surveys/interviews to collect data related to SDGs and Resilience with different groups of participants.

11-13, Dec 2020

Workshop 2 _ Playfulness towards an inclusive, safe and resilient society

> Connect with Nguyen Tat Thanh School.
> Analysis: 
– Tree of expectation.
– Teachers’ perceptions of Strengths/Weaknesses/Threats/Opportunities.
– Teachers’ perceptions and readiness for playful learning and being an ambassador.
– Evaluation of the effectiveness of the ACES workshop.

26-27, Dec 2020

Workshop 3 _ Frugal Education for Developing Social Resilience

Teachers’ perceptions and readiness for frugal education.​​ Evaluation of the effectiveness of the ACES workshop.

Jan 2021

Workshop 4 _ Playful teaching practices

> Teacher’s reflection on one successful/impressive lesson, success factors, potential challenges of Playful and Frugal education, possible solutions and suggestions.
> Co-creation of lesson plans using Playful and Frugal Aspects.

April 2021 – June 2021

The Green Playground
Initial discussions on a big idea: An ACES-modelled playground

Discussions on the need for a playground that could first apply the ACES model and then combine the ACES model with a cultural/ethnic playground (Data collection – Cycle 1).

June 2021 – Oct 2021

The Green Playground
Discussions on the initial plan/master plan for the playground

Discussions on the Plans/Drafts/Sketches of the playground, considering local contexts, resources, and contributions of all the stakeholders.

Nov 2021

The Green Playground – Phase 2:
Co-creation/design of the playground
Designing your dream playground

Both students and teachers presentation on their ideas of their dream playground, and their co-creation of the Playground.

Dec 2021

The Green Playground – Phase 2 (cont.)

> Stakeholders’ co-construction and co-supervision of the building of the Green Playground.
> Designer/Engineer’s perspectives of the use of the playground as a pedagogical approach.

26 Dec 2021

The Green Playground – Phase 2 (cont.)

Discussion on the construction, safety, further improvements and maintenance of the Green Playground before the hands-on and Grand opening.

04 Jan 2022

The Green Playground – Phase 3

Grand opening of the Green Playground.

Jan 2022

Evaluation of the case study 

Review and update of the case study:
– How they are related to the ACES Model.
– Lessons learnt.
– Dissemination Plan.
– BERA abstracts and publications.

May 2022 – June 2022

The Green Playground – Phase 4

> Evaluation of the Green Playground as a pedagogical approach.
> Sustainable maintenance and Development of the Playground.
> Evaluation of Playful and Frugal Aspects (ACES Model).

Nov 2022

ACES Reflective Journey

ACES Reflective Journey